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Bred in United States (2000) by Paul Barden. Introduced in United States (2008) by Rogue Valley Roses.

Breeder’s Comments: This has been growing in my test garden now for about 7 years, its exact date of breeding is uncertain. (I didn’t keep the best notes in those days.) It prospers in a part of the garden that no longer receives any spraying, maintenance or supplemental watering. In rich soil, and with good care, this will make a spectacular specimen. Bear in mind that it is a spring blooming variety only; no repeat later in the season. In the 7 years I have been growing it, it has had no diseases of any kind.

Bloom: Mauve & mauve blend [m], purple blooms. Deep smoky violet with strong purple-magenta inner petals. Fades to slatey-mauve and purples. One of the “bluest” roses I have seen, especially when grown in the shade.. Strong, Centifolia fragrance, Old rose fragrance. 65 to 100 petals. Average diameter 4″. Medium-large, very full (41+ petals), cluster-flowered, quartered bloom form. Moderate, Once-blooming spring or summer. Medium, fragrant, rounded buds. Habit: Tall, upright growth habit. Medium, semi-glossy, medium green foliage.

Height of 4′ to 7′ (120 to 215 cm). Width of 36″ to 6′ . (90 to 185 cm). Growing: Used for beds and borders, garden, landscape, pillar, shrub or specimen. Zone 4 thru 8. Very hardy. Can be trained as a climber. Does not do well in warmer climates. Plant in partial shade for best color. Disease susceptibility: very disease resistant, very blackspot resistant., very mildew resistant, very rust resistant. Needs little care; relatively disease-free and quite hardy. Prune lightly or not at all. Prune right after flowering is finished. Remove unproductive wood every third year or so. This rose blooms on old wood. Parentage: Tuscany Superb × William Lobb

Photo and comments Copyright Paul Barden 2008.

Introduced in 2008.

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