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Bred by Paul Barden (United States, 2002).
Moss – Modern.
Seashell-pink and deep pink, light yellow center, cream reverse.  None to mild fragrance.  Average diameter 3.5″.  Medium to large, double (17-25 petals), cluster-flowered, in small clusters bloom form.  Spring or summer flush with scattered later bloom.

Tall, arching, armed with thorns / prickles, climbing, lax, upright.  Large, semi-glossy, dark green foliage.

Height: 5′ to 10′ (150 to 305cm).

USDA zone 5a and warmer.  Can be used for cut flower, garden, landscape, pillar, shrub or specimen.  Very hardy.  very vigorous.  a good subject for pegging.  can be trained as a climber.  Disease susceptibility: very disease resistant.  Remove unproductive wood every third year or so.

This is a seedling that germinated under one of the greenhouse benches several years ago. Its exact origin is not known, but based on what crosses I made in 2002 I suspect that it is from ‘Condoleezza’, and may have “Orange Moss” as a pollen parent.

This is a Spring blooming variety and has developed as a tall, lanky climber, much in the manner of mosses like ‘William Lobb’. The bloom form is utterly modern as is it coloring. I don’t recall that blooms have much fragrance, except in the mossing itself.

This has been extremely healthy in the greenhouse (Mildew rarely troubles it) and so I have decided to start using this in breeding. Because it gets no particular care and thrives in near total neglect, it may have value in breeding. I am considering releasing limited numbers of this, as it may appeal to those who enjoy “collectors item” type roses.

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