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Siren’s Keep entices with an intense Old Rose fragrance, sometimes revealing hints of Myrrh. Among its many enchanting qualities is its deep magenta/mauve hue that can present as deep crimson or a blend of these colors depending on the weather. Blooms are prolific and appear in very frequent flushes. The opening bud is cupped; then reflexed when fully open. A bush in full bloom is literally covered with dozens of blooms with the intense five ‘f’ fragrance detectable a few feet away. Hardiness has been tested to Zone 6a. With a bit of winter protection Paul thinks Zone 5 may be possible. It forms an upright shrub to about 3 feet wide; height will vary with the climate, but 5’ seems a good average estimate. In warmer climates we think it may be grown as a 6’ pillar to good effect, perhaps even extending to climber height on an arch or fence. This garden siren is definitely a keeper! Photo copyright Paul Barden 2008

Introduced in 2009.

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