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September Morn (below, left) is one of the very rare Hybrid Teas from the turn of the Century. Introduced in 1915, it is a sport of ‘Mme. P. Euler’. A brief history from Brent Dickerson’s ‘Old Rose Adventurer’: “Tom Liggett found it years ago in Willow Glen, California, when pruning roses for a lady who said she bought it at Woolworths before 1920 for a nickel (5 cents)! Named after the painting of a nude girl standing at water’s edge which became famous when in 1910 it was placed in a New York department store window raising the ire of the then-puritanical. The rose did not receive the attention it should have at the time because the blooms had too much of an old rose look. Today, it is a Hybrid Tea that surpasses the best of the English Roses with its beauty and fragrance.” The painting after which ‘September Morn’ is named can been seen on the web by clicking on the link “September Morn”. This is a fine rose that is most unlike the Hybrid Teas as we know them today, with its large and fully double blooms containing up to 150 petals! There is a powerfully delicious fragrance to the blossoms as well, making this rose well worth a place in any collectors garden. As can be said of many of the early Hybrid Teas, this rose does best in a hot, dry climate. Even the earliest accounts said that California seemed to be the place where it performed its best. It can reach a maximum size of 4 to 6 feet tall, and 4 feet wide, and is nearly continuous in its rebloom. Photo and Comments Copyright 2007 Paul Barden and The Uncommon Rose

Introduced in 1913. Discovered by Dietrich & Turner.

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