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Secret Garden Musk Climber is an impeccable rose: healthy, vigorous, clothed in large clusters of crystaline, immensely fragrant bloom continuously. It has caused quite a stir in rose preservation circles since its finding a few years ago. We have planted it by our deck where its perfume will waft on warm summer evenings. Jeri Jennings has this to say in an ARS article, “Joyce Demits, of Fort Bragg, found this rose, along with another, equally-unknown rose of Noisette-type, in an old garden near Sonora, California. She tells us that it will reach twenty feet or more, in maturity. It is, she says, not reliably cold-hardy below Zero, but in a mild climate, it blooms continuously, and appears to be completely disease free. Not surprisingly, Joyce notes that the rose is very Musk-like in its botanical characteristics (and, of course, in its scent). ” We would like to receive followup comments from zone pushers who try the rose in colder climates. Photo and quote copyright Paul Barden 2008.

Discovered in 2003.

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