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We are pleased to add this rarely seen repeat-blooming Antique Moss Rose to our collection. A friend of ours brought it to our attention a few years ago and we were pleased with the quality of bloom and the fairly good repeat after its first flush. ‘René d’Anjou’ was introduced into commerce in 1854 and would undoubtedly have been a big hit, since repeat blooming Mosses were a rarity. Blooms are very double, about 3 inches across and often display quartered bloom form. Bloom color is somewhat variable, ranging from a pale warm pink to a deeper, pure rose pink hue. It has an excellent fragrance as well. The mossing on the buds isn’t as extreme as some of the once-blooming varieties, but is definitely present as shorter, more dense mossing. Expect 3 crops of bloom per year once fully established. Disease resistance will vary depending on your location. Photo and Comments Copyright 2007 Paul Barden and The Uncommon Rose

Introduced in 1953.

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