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While there has been a great resurgence in the incorporation of Old Garden Roses in modern breeding programs, most all efforts are geared towards breeding repeat-blooming varieties. While this is a worthy goal, there is also great virtue in the pursuit of Spring blooming shrubs as well. ‘Marianne’, bred by Paul Barden is one such shrub. Classed as a Hybrid Gallica, this rose is halfway between a Gallica and a modern shrub in character. However, its blooms are 100% Old Garden Rose! Blossoms are intensely double, shallow cups up to 4.5 inches across, looking for all the world like a peach-colored ‘Charles de Mills’. As might be expected, ‘Marianne’ has a superb fruity fragrance that is rich and unique. One advantage of the Spring blooming roses of this type is that they produce more blooms in their four to six week bloom period than most modern roses produce in the entire growing season. This is especially true of ‘Marianne’, which blooms from every axil along its long arching canes. ‘Marianne’ is a large rose, growing to at least five by five feet at maturity, larger in warm climates like California and the South. It could easily be trained as a climber in such places. The foliage is a bright medium green and semi-glossy. It has also proven itself to be nearly free from disease in our garden as well, and we hope it does as well in all climates. Note: availability will be limited this year, but there will be new crops maturing as the season progresses. We expect to have a good number of plants available for Fall shipping also. Photo and Comment Copyright 2007 Paul Barden and The Uncommon Rose

Introduced in 2005.

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