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Lady Hillingdon is so scrolled, so lusciously drooping, so honey-butter in its color tones, one scarcely knows whether to leave it in the breakfast table bouquet or spread it on the toast! This is definitely a tea that will delight even the most hardened ‘modern rose only’ folks with its vigor, health, reliable rebloom, and fragrance. The striking deep purple of the stems and new foliage will seem familiar to the Hybrid Tea fan venturing to purchase a true Tea for the first time. It is also a Tea that will grow in a colder climate. Our clone grows to six feet as a shrub with a fifteen foot spread trained along a fence. We have recently purchased a “Cl. Lady Hillingdon” and a “Lady Hillingdon” to see which one we have and whether there is actually a difference. We suspect there isn’t.

Introduced in 1910.

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