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This is one of the small group of ‘sweetheart polyanthas’ having the form of miniature Hybrid Teas of which Cecile Brunner is the most famous. The bush on the fence in our terrace garden is very vigorous and seems to want to climb beyond the six feet it has now attained. However, last fall, a leaf displayed the zigzag striping we have come to associate with Rose Mosaic Virus Disease. This illustrates what I have heard that this disease may show up after many years because this plant has been in my collection for over six years and came from my Ashland garden. We will continue to offer it to customers who may want it even knowing it is aflicted. If anyone knows of a source of virus free stock, we would appreciate your letting us know. We will never sell a plant that we know to be virused and usually immediately remove the occasional diseased plant from our inventory. We plan to pot up the mother plant this spring and grow it in a large pot in a remote area of the nursery.

Introduced in 1948.

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