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With parents like ‘Westerland’ and ‘Abraham Darby’, how could such a rose as this not be spectacular?! ‘Janet Inada’ enjoys many traits of both of its parents; the vigor and health of ‘Westerland’, the full blooms and intense fragrance undoubtedly coming from ‘Abraham Darby’. Intermediate between both, it is a large, somewhat horizontally spreading large shrub that could easily be trained as a climber. If you prefer not to train it onto a structure, it will happily grow as a freestanding bush to about 6 feet tall and a bit wider under most circumstances. ‘Janet Inada’ is quick to mature on its own roots and blooms in cycles, providing at least four main flushes of bloom in a season (depending on your climate, of course, there may be more). Although it has not been tested in all climates, we expect this rose to perform exceptionally well in all but the coldest zones (at least 5 through 10) with minimal protection from freezing. ‘Janet Inada’ blooms generously in flushes, with many lateral shoots carrying between one and five blooms to a stem, each up to 4.5 inches across. Fragrant? You bet! It has a rich citrus/rose scent that is long lasting and powerful, sure to please every nose. Spent blooms tend to drop cleanly, so that deadheading won’t be necessary. When it comes to pruning and shaping, don’t go at this rose too hard, because it will produce some of the best and most abundant bloom on its basal canes, sending up loads of productive lateral shoots. (Here is where training should be done as you would for a modern climber) In testing, disease resistance has been quite good, however, in an area that has intense Blackspot pressure, disease prevention may be needed. Photo and text copyright Paul Barden 2009.

Introduced in 2010.

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