Harrison’s Yellow (The Pioneer Rose)


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In the American West there is no more historic rose than this rose of the Pioneers. In Oregon it is also known as the Logtown rose, appearing as it does, in so many abandoned company towns of the glory days of logging. It makes lovely thickets which are to be found wherever it was left along the Oregon trail, even into the plains. Some hold it is The Yellow Rose of Texas though there is fierce debate about that. At any rate this is a must have for anyone with a corner in their garden and a spot in their heart for history. The bloom is very early, fragrant and exquisite. (The name is correctly spelled with one “r”.)

Introduced in 1824.

This rose can not be ordered from this rose page on our website.  Please call 541-535-1307 to place orders for Harison’s Yellow between the hours of 8:00 and 2:00 PST (11:00-5:00 EST). .

This is a very difficult rose to propagate from cuttings and is usually out of stock for that reason.  

These suckers have tops of several inches to a foot or more tall with dormant leaf nodes. The short (inch or two long) side roots extend along an approximately 6 to 12″ piece of larger underground root which has been severed from the mother plant. These plants should be potted up immediately and grown on for at least 4 months before planting out. Because these are not fully established plants, like our other roses, we cannot guarantee them.  Harison’s Yellow plants will be shipped on a first come first serve basis.     

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