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Bred by Judith Belsham Singer (United States, 2016).

How I named this rose is a most interesting story. Elizabeth Bowers was a young girl who joined the peace corp to help educate Zambian girls, and tragically died in a bicycle accident there. Though I had never heard of her, I had a dream about Elizabeth, and asked her if I could name this rose after her. She said she would be so honored! Upon awakening I was curious, so I looked her up on the internet. You can see her story at http://www.bethsgirls.org/

It just seemed so right to name this rose after her.

This rose has beautiful foliage and a very graceful and pleasing growth habit. She has been mildew resistant & I have seen no black spot on her, but we don’t tend to get that in my climate. Will tolerate a pot for quite a while but wants to get big, so ultimately best in the ground. This is a rose for the hottest climates – she can take it and she wants it!

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