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This Paul Barden rose is best described as a Miniflora type shrub: the blooms and foliage fit the standard definition for a miniature, but the plant is fairly tall, growing to three to four feet and not quite as wide. It is well branched and blooms generously in frequent flushes. The real feature of this beauty is the remarkable bloom color, an ever-changing blend of mahogany, deep rusty red, and oxblood, occasionally shaded with a purplish overlay. As with most of the so-called brown, or “coffee roses”, the color of this variety is more rusty when the weather is hot, and more of a chocolate brown hue in the cooler weather of spring and fall. It retains a very rich, dark rust color even in the heat of July and August when other brown roses tend to turn a less attractive orangey color. The rose does have a pleasant modern rose scent (often described as a “fresh” fragrance).
‘Beautiful’ Anne flowers mainly in clusters of three to five, each bloom bearing about 20 to 30 petals, which, when fully open, average a diameter of 2 inches. At the one-third to one-half open stage, the blooms have a distinct classic Hybrid Tea form, opening fairly quickly to a somewhat cupped form displaying bright yellow stamens. It is a very alluring flower at all stages, attracting the attention of everyone who has seen it. This variety has shown no inclination to mildew, but if blackspot is an issue in your area then disease prevention practices may be required for best results. This rose is descended from ‘Hot Cocoa’.

Anne’s husband Jan Unruh bought the right to name this rose. He wrote this about Anne.

Anne was born, Angela Gail Ensz on October 22, 1976, in Galveston, Texas. She was born with an autoimmune disease called Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Syndrome, or SCIDS. She spent the first year of her life in a sterile bubble completely isolated from the outside world. Her parents made the decision to take her home at 1 year of age, much to the doctors dismay, who told them that they would be back in 6 months and she would be dead in 1 year. However, thanks to the goodness of God, and defying all medical predictions she grew to womanhood.

She married me, Jan Unruh, at the age of 22 and we set up housekeeping in Haskell County, Kansas, where we resided until her death at the age of 33. At the age of 27 she gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby boy, Zachary J, who is now 8 years old. God also blessed us with a little Guatemalan boy, Colter J, whom we adopted in 2007.

She was tall, with blonde hair and brown eyes, and a dazzling smile which she shared with everyone. She was a true Texas girl, growing up in the panhandle around Dalhart, Texas. Her physical beauty was surpassed only by the beauty of her character. As far as I know she had not one enemy, everybody knowing her as a true friend. She loved the outdoors and her flower gardens were always an amazing sight in full bloom. She professed a living faith in God, being careful with reading her Bible and spending time in prayer with Jesus, whom she often refered to as her friend.

Shortly following our marriage, she began taking immunoglobulin therapy by IV once a month, making many friends at the Cancer Center of Kansas in Liberal, Kansas. She developed blood clots in her legs in the summer of 2007, and was never really free of the complications that they brought. She contracted Staff infection in the summer of 2008, spending time in the hospitals of Wichita, Kansas and being confined to the indoors much more than she cared to be. In the summer of 2009 she was diagnosed with a rare syndrome called Budd-Chiari, which is a serious compromising of the blood flow thru the liver. She spent time in Wichita again, and 2 weeks in Kansas City at KUMED. This condition is so serious that only a liver transplant is the alternative to death. Not willing to let her go yet, we called our pastor and he admistered a healing prayer with the annointing of oil, and God granted our request and gave her a recovery of a life threatening condition, completely without the aid of medical intervention. The doctors stood by amazed, calling it simply, a miracle. But God’s ways are higher than ours, and again in the spring of 2010, she was back in the hospital with Budd-Chiari, and her tired body finally gave in, and she left us on Easter morning, April 4, 2010, at 9:00 in the morning.

Her last words were, ‘I’ll see you in the Morning’, giving us the hope of seeing her again on that Ressurection Morning when Christ will come to claim His own. Throughout her life of suffering, I never once, heard her complain about being born with an autoimmune disease. She was always cheerful, finding joy in giving of herself to others. I would love to become a person as well loved as Anne was. There were 1000 people in attendance at her funeral, testifying to the impact she made while living. It is my prayer that, through this rose, she may continue to be a living reminder of the very caring, generous person we all loved.

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