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This appears to be related to the Miniature, Hocus Pocus, Introduced in Germany in 2002 by Kordes.  Hocus Pocus is a deep russet brown with lemon stripes.  A most unusual rose, guaranteed to surprise visitors to your garden.

NOTE:  The colors in our photos need retouching:  Abracadabra actually does bloom deep russet with lemon yellow stripes—very striking.

This appears to be related to the Miniature, Hocus Pocus, a discovered sport of Black Beauty, introduced by Kordes in 2000.  Hocus Pocus occasionally reverts, as do many striped roses, to it’s parent, Black Beauty.  Abracadabra seems to revert much less frequently; though I have observed a solid yellow or solid russet blooming cane, here and there, among hundreds of stock plants, on an otherwise striped blooming plant.  In just a few years of experience with this variety here at RVR, removing the cane involving the reversion, so far, seems to stop the  process.  NOTE: We will only send out plants that we have seen bloom at least once correctly as striped.  We cannot replace plants that do revert.

We would like to hear from customers who have been able to keep reversion from spreading on striped roses.

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